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Bodykeeping Gymnasium Wireless coverage

Bodykeeping Gymnasium Wireless coverage and wireless surveillance...

Wireless Surveillance Solution based on

Wireless Surveillance Solution based onPtMP Wireless Transmission 1. Advantages...

KTV wireless covergae with WisCloud Acce

KTV wireless covergae with WisCloud Access Point.(WCAP-W in the photo.)...

Outer suburbs industrial zone long-range

Outdoor wireless transmission for long-range surveillance in Outer suburbs indus...

A Presentation Held in Peru State Techno

A presentation held in Peru State Technology Institute, to introduce the Wis bra...

PtMP long range wireless network transmi

PtMP long range wireless network transmission with high power CPE WIS-Q5300....

WIS-L2416S working to provide technologi

New project in Russia (Object near Priozersk, Leningrad oblast ) with WIS-L2416S...

Shopping Mall full WiFi coverage

Shopping mall hotspot WiFi coverage with portal management...

Factory wireless coverage project for Fi

Factory wireless coverage for FixStar Driven technology...

enterprise solution in San Cun Ding comp

perfectly customized enterprise solution for Sancunding company...

New firmware and new WiController

Firmware Release 2015-11-30 15:27
New firmware and new WiController
Today we upload our new fimware and new Wi-controller. The release is 1.0.0314 for the 11n models. And release 1.0.0019 for the 11ac models. What's more we upload the new NMS. It have opened 128 APs m ...

New WIS-L525AC RD testing

Testing Report 2015-11-18 11:07
New WIS-L525AC RD testing
Today we tested the new model WIS-L525AC, ptp indoor, attenuate the signal around -40dBm, results pretty good The chariot shows that around 500+Mbps for both upload and download speed, running arou ...

Comparison test of UBNT LiteBeam M5 and WIS-G5230

Testing Report 2015-11-14 11:14
Comparison test of UBNT LiteBeam M5 and WIS-G5230
This test purpose is to test performance of WIS-G5230 and LiteBeam M5within 10km distance. Then we can make a comparison. It is testing betweenresident building roof of Hangzhou and the river side. Th ...

WiController Free License Announcement

News 2015-5-7 14:39
WiController Free License Announcement
Dear all customers In order to provide a better quality of wireless network management, Wisnetworks now official anounce that, The 64-AP permanent license is now free to offer to all end users / cus ...

Wisnetworks at CeBIT2015

Company News 2015-5-4 10:49
Wisnetworks at CeBIT2015

WisOS 1.0.0298 Released

Firmware Release 2015-5-2 16:15
WisOS 1.0.0298 Released
This firmware is applied to - WIS-L2417S/WIS-L2416S/WIS-L2415S/WIS-L2415D - WIS-Q2300/WIS-Q2300L - WIS-S2300 - WIS-CM23x0/WIS-WM23x0/WIS-CM2300L - WIS-L5820S/WIS-L5819S/WIS-L5818S/WIS-L5800N/WIS-L5819 ...


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